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FREE Chemistry Trial Class (O'/IP & A' Levels)

Crack the Chemistry Code: Unveil the Path to Distinction for Sec & JC in Our Game-Changing FREE Trial Class!

More than 95.2% of our students experience 2-5 grades jump after attending our regular lessons
Join your FREE Chemistry trial class and receive expert problem solving techniques & FREE Goody bag with Cheat Sheets (Worth 210)!
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What Do You Expect To Gain When Sign Up

Concept Notes

You will receive a set of personalized concept notes that has been sorted with most frequently asked exams types of questions.

Cheat Sheets

Our ultimate cheat sheets which consist of most frequently tested concepts and formulae. Imagine just studying only less than 20% of what you used to study and performing much better.

Trial Class

You will get to experience one of our regular class lesson where Dr. Aw will deliver a crystal clear that accompanies with clear concept breaks down and most frequently asked examinations questions

We know that improvement in chemistry and able to apply the concept learn in real exam questions just won't fall in our laps... The best students are able tackle higher order thinking questions and is a result of hours and hours of work.

Studying chemistry is hard. And if you are not alone!


Taught by the Best Chemistry Specialist


There are 3 Reasons: Why you Are not doing well in Chemistry


You've been trying to do past ten-years series and school tutorial or watching past replay by school lectures.

You're overwhelmed and can't get started. 



You're stuck with other subjects and CCA commitments in school you've been working on for months. 

You don't know where to start, what topics to focus on and overwhelmed by the seemingly never ending amount of questions to do . 


You spent countless nights to understand the concept and even practice past exam questions, now you have to figure out how to improve your chemistry scores in the shortest time. You can't learn and simultaneously practice the right types of questions with sufficient quantities fast enough and too little time with too many subjects to focus on.



Your First Breakthrough in Chemistry

Your first chemistry breakthrough is just a few clicks away. We'll shorten learning curve in learning complicated chemistry concepts and show you the tips and tricks to solve exam questions fast so you can start improve your chemistry today.

With Your first breakthrough in Chemistry, we give you all the notes and practices (which is at least 50% lesser in pages compared to school) and yet covers all ground you need so that you can start follow the content taught in school and begin to apply immediately to school exam questions or even homework right away.

Achieve distinction in Chemistry with Your First Breakthrough in Chemistry in minutes without spending countless hours reviewing concepts and memorising hundreds of pages of contents needed.

With Your First Breakthrough in Chemistry, you'll be ready in minutes and solve chemistry exam questions like a pro.

Over 95.2% distinction for O'/IP & A'Level Chemistry

Doctor Aw is one of Singapore’s leading Chemistry Specialist. He is the founder of Uptas Learning Hub and one of Singapore’s leading Chemistry Specialise Centre 

He is the mastertutor behind some of the top scholars in Singapore. In just a couple of months, he improved multiple of his students grade by an average of 3.

He has helped many students including struggling students who do not have a strong foundation in chemistry to some of the top scholars in school to achieve distinctions, enter prestigious university and medical school.

Give yourself the advantage and shortcuts.

In Your First Breakthrough in Chemistry with Doctor Aw and his team, you'll get insider information that thousands have already used to get out of a rut and get amazing results, including:

Get earlier topic concept notes and concept videos that you may have missed or unsure about that saves you years of failing on your own.

A step-by-step guide with all notes, cheat sheets and right amount of practices you need for your first chemistry breakthrough without guessing what will get results.

We'll shorten learning curve in learning complicated chemistry concepts and show you the tips and tricks to solve exam questions fast so you can start improve your chemistry today... you'll be doing 20% of the work and producing 80% of the results.


What our students are saying?

Improve chemistry grades and learning how to solve exam types of questions is hard.
You have to have the in-depth understanding of the concept learn, practice right types of questions and review thoroughly the mistakes made in every exams.

Remove the time waste and frustration with the best solution... Your First Breakthrough in Chemistry.

All Students get a FREE Goody Bag!

It's not easy to find all the information you need for your first significant forward progress in chemistry. That's why we put together a complete one stop solution taught by PhD tutor, EX-MOE subject head and hands on practical lab sessions to get you started on the right foot.

You spend hours of your day trying to figure out how to do exam questions. You're exhausted and you still haven't made much progress. 

Your First Breakthrough in Chemistry will teach you how to shorten your learning curve by at least 50% of your time and with tips and tricks of how to solve higher order thinking questions fast. 

If you want to take the shortcut then you need to take action now by signing up for your FREE Trial class below!

Who Should Join the Class?

#1 Lack of Conceptual Understanding

You are troubled by having
too many concepts to remember, or do not know which concepts to apply to which questions or could not summarise well.

#2 Lack of Effective Guidance

You are lost on where are your weak topics, concepts or even how to begin. Or you want to maintain the good grades you are having

#3 Want to Study Smart and Shorten Learning Curve

You want to study smart and need resources like good summaries, slides, notes, bite sized videos.

Join in our FREE Chemistry Trial Class and learn how you can have a breakthrough in chemistry even you are from ground zero.
We respect your privacy and have a ZERO TOLERANCE for spam.
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