Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

3 minutes sheltered walk from Bedok MRT, just above Sheng Siong Supermart.

Block 209, New Upper Changi Road #03-647

Contact Us

We accept walk in or call in sales enquiries and online registration. However, most of our students are recommended through word of mouth from relatives and friends. Seats are often limited and once the capacity is full, we will stop accepting new students.

How do I register for the classes?

Online Reservation

Interested to join us? You may make a reservation via the link below or you can also call us @+6591705114

Can I arrange a meet up with the head of the Subjects?

Yes, you may arrange a meet up with the head of Subject. The student and parents should prepare all enquiries before the meeting. The meeting will be hold for a maximum of 30 minutes long and will be of free of charge. Please contact our admin or sms or call us for the limited time slot available for private consultations.

Is tuition even necessary?

Why even the distinction students are even attending the lessons at Uptas Learning Hub?

How big is the class size?

When our class reach to a size of about 15, we will open new classes to reduce the average size of the class. As we allow students to perform make up classes, therefore we cannot commit to a class size but generally the weekend class is bigger than the weekday classes.

We can ensure the quality of each lesson will not be compromised regardless of the class size and where the students are from. Our tutors are so well versed in the subject that they know exactly where the misconception are often located and able to accurately anticipate the questions the student will ask. Our tutors will also know what are the questions the students will ask but did not ask.

How did the students perform every year for A level?

You may click the link here and find out more

What is your teaching methodology and how it is different from other tuition center or MOE schools?

There are numerous students complained to use that their teachers do not know how to delivery the teachings well and the lecture notes lacked details. However, there are also others who complained the notes being too detailed and difficult to comprehend. This may make learning difficult and students find it overwhelming to even solve a simple question.

Our task here is to ensure we find the best tutor and getting just the right amount of simplified content and sufficient practices ranging from basic, intermediate to advanced level to be delivered to the student.

The lesson is basically broken up into 3 parts: Absorb, Apply and Acknowledge

A: Absorb the concept

A: Apply the knowledge

A: Acknowledge and learn from your mistakes. Do not repeat them.

How do you test your students if they are ready for exam?

A common question we obtained often is how do you know you are on track? Our tutors will test you. A 30 minutes test which consist of several topics or a major topic will be given. The condition will simulate a real examination environment whereby the students are expected to perform under time pressure and stress environment in a typical school exam. After each test, a review will be given off to highlight some of the common mistakes made and ways to improve and gaining a better score. Through this assignment, you will discover your weakness and bottleneck of the subject that will allow you to course correct it at an early stage. In this way, you will improve more rapidly and your path to the subject mastery will be smoother and sooner than you realize.

Are there any make-up lessons?

The center specializes in science and maths tuition classes. Hence, we offer make up lesson within the week. However, in the case whereby you have missed the entire week lesson, we have the digital chemistry lesson for you to have the make up lesson.

Will I be able to catch up as I join late?

Regardless of the time that you join the class, we will ensure you will be able to catch up with the rest of the class and preparing you in the coming examination. However, you have to know that the class is not going to slow down for you and you will be positively stressed to run alongside with them and from our experience, you will learn faster under this environment. In order to ensure you are always on the right track, we will provide you with the essential notes and practice exercises for you to master the topics and with tutors helping to answer all your queries.

Is there a trial lesson?

We have a very limited vacancy in the class. The trial class is come on a first come first serve basis. Once, the vacancy is up, there will be no trial class available.

How do I withdraw from the tuition if I have decided not to continue anymore?

After the initial enrolment (whether it is a weekly lesson or workshop), the student will be automatically enrolled to the following term. There is no requirement to re-register. However, in the case whereby the student decided to withdraw from Uptas learning hub, the student or the parent can inform the admin for the withdrawal. The student need to give an early notification of at least 1 month so as to allow the placing to be released to the student in the waiting list. Students who notified the withdrawal  after the early notification period, will be required to serve a minimum of 1 month notification (Please note, the one month notification will be based on the curriculum of Uptas Learning Hub).

Do you provide 1-1 private tuition?

The goal of Uptas Learning Hub is that you can learn from the best teacher in the market at an affordable rate which is co-shared by the rest of your classmates. We do not advocate a 1-1 private tuition center as it will mean at least 10 times higher for the same time slot, learning the same concept within the same group session.

Do I get a refund if my child misses a lesson?

The lesson fees are structured in such as a way that the students shared the cost of the tutor in a per scheduled lesson manner. There will always be make up lesson in between the week that you may miss. So rest assured, you will be well taken care of.

Do you provide IP tuition?

The lessons in the Uptas Learning Hub will cater for both IP and non-IP student as the student are very similar. However, one of the key difference in the question for the IP stream is the questions are more difficult. We have a huge data base that will cater your needs and able to do customized notes with practices to help you accelerate your learning and with sufficient amount of practices.

Do you provide IB tuition?

We have classes available that is catered to meet IB standard for students from ACSI and SJI joining the Uptas learning Hub. Therefore, the students have their needs met to do well in the examinations.

Is the payment monthly or termly?

The payment is usually by per month (defined as 10 lessons, also known as our Gold plan which has a special discounted price). Both the student and the parents will receive an invoice from us towards the end of the month.

What is the accepted form of payment?

We accept only cash, cheque, paynow, paylah and internet bank transfer.

Can I clarify my doubts or some queries I may have in school after class?

Yes, you certainly can ask questions after class.

How can I contact the agency to find out more / register?

You can call @+6591705114 or visit us. Our friendly tutors and administrators will be happy to answer any queries regarding our classes. Alternatively, you can also fill up our online form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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