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June Holiday Intensive Revision Crash Course
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Concise and yet powerful curated notes with carefully chosen exercises that will move your grades up!

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What our student say about us...
Benita - TJC 
Before joining Uptas Chemistry tuition, I faced challenges such as insufficient exposure to different types of questions and a lack of practice. I also had difficulties in identifying the topics tested in the questions. The chemistry tuition in Uptas provides me with many practices to hone my answering skills and identify topics that the question is testing. The tutor in Uptas also drills us in FAQs to ensure that we obtain the maximum marks!

Uptas’s tuition provides me with ample opportunities to expose myself to various types of questions, as well as train my answering techniques in questions that are cast in stone. The tutor pushes us to think critically in answering difficult or novel questions that may come out in the A levels. The tutor also provides me with a wide range of practices such as practice booklets for difficult topics. Additionally, Uptas provides concise summary booklets that are easy to understand and refer to when in doubt.
The tutor is very dedicated in helping us achieve our desired grades in the A levels, which is what makes up a good tuition that is value for money!
Megha - SAJC 
The tutors in Uptas were perhaps one of the best or perhaps the best tutors I have ever had in my academic life. Not only was the tutors in Uptas patient with their teaching methods, they also incorporated very innovative, study friendly methods to effectively drill me with the crucial chemistry concepts. He always went that extra mile to create mindmaps, combine notes from all different schools and personalize them to fit the student’s learning style and even spare that extra 30 mins or one hour in order to ensure that the lesson reached its completion.

Apart from the academic aspect, the tutors in Uptas was one of the most inspiring and encouraging tutors I have ever had. When I didn’t believe in myself, he did.

When I didn’t think I could improve, they made sure I believed I could. He was really the sort of teacher that didn’t just make sure you completed assignments on time but also instilled within me the motivation to excel.

 The tutors was truly devoted to teaching chemistry. I am so glad that I was blessed with a tutor in Uptas Learning Hub.
Isabel - TKGS
Since Secondary Three my Chemistry was never too good. I failed Chemistry twice in Sec Three and got C5 for the other two exams. I decided to join two of my other friends for Uptas Chemistry tuition after getting a C5 for my CA1.

Joining this tuition was a wonderful decision as classes with the tutors in Uptas was always extremely fun and enjoyable as well as extremely enriching.

I always left class with more understanding of the Chemistry concepts and answers to my questions.

Soon enough, my chemistry grades improved to a B4 for Mid Years, a B3 for Prelims and then an A1 for O Levels. Tutors in Uptas are a very patient tutor, never failing to answer our countless questions as well as encourage us when we didn’t do well for tests. His positive spirit motivates us to pick ourselves up after each failure and to go forward toward success. I would definitely recommend Uptas for those who needs chemistry tuition!