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More than 90% of our students experience 2-5 grades jump after attending our regular lessons

Are you looking for ways to rapidly catch up and review the concepts that were taught in school? 

Or are you a student who understood concepts yet cannot score well in exam and looking for a breakthrough?

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Concept Notes

You will receive a set of personalized concept notes that has been sorted with most frequently asked exams types of questions.


Cheat Sheets

Our ultimate cheat sheets which consist of most frequently tested concepts and formulae. Imagine just studying only less than 20% of what you used to study and performing much better.


Trial Class 

You will get to experience one of our regular class lesson where Dr. Aw will deliver a crystal clear that accompanies with clear concept breaks down and most frequently asked examinations questions


Founded by Top Chemistry Tutor Who Has Impacted More Than 5000+ Students

Hi! My name is Dr. Aw, and I am the Founder of Uptas Learning Hub.

You may have seen me appear in different media features ("The Straits Times", Yahoo News) over the past couple of years, or you might have even used some of the books that I've authored, which helps students excel in chemistry.

Uptas is inspired by my own academic journey. I started from a humble background with below average PSLE score of 191. After discovering the Accelerated Learning Techniques, it turned my life around, from an underperforming student to a prestigious government scholar with PhD degree in Chemistry. 

At Uptas, our goal is to help you achieve your academic success using our proven learning techniques that has helped more than 5000 students.

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Who Should Join the Class?

 #1 Lack of Conceptual Understanding
 You are troubled by having
too many concepts to remember, or do not know which concepts to apply to which questions or could not summarise well.
#2  Lack of Effective Guidance
You are lost on where are your weak topics, concepts or even how to begin. Or you want to maintain the good grades you are having

 #3 Want to Study Smart and Shorten Learning Curve
You want to study smart and need resources like good summaries, slides, notes, bite sized videos

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