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We believe education goes beyond books, therefore our “Learning To Learn” pre-requisite includes practical learning skills and tips which are not taught in school. Many of them are the same study strategies used by top students! Mastery of any subject will come much easier!! You won’t find this anywhere else.

Proven Track Record

Since 2006, our methodologies and materials have helped many students improve their grades dramatically. 91.2% achieved A/B in A Levels 92.3% achieved A1/A2 in O Levels 94.8% improved from “F9” to “B3-A1” within 8 months 83.1 improved from “U” to “A/B” within 9 months (A Levels) Other than group classes, we personalise teaching methods and materials for each student’s consultation sessions. In this way, students maximise their learning within a short time at affordable prices. Uptas Learning Hub is committed to help all students score well, but the students have to be committed to give their best as well. So long you are willing to take MASSIVE action after our tutors’ careful guidance, you will be totally surprised at how much you will improve within a short time!

Top Quality Study Materials

We know chemistry is a tough topic. You will be given the exact same study materials used by our top-achieving students. Painstakingly compiled with almost 10 years of updated syllabus, we break down our material into easily digestible, bite-sized topics. You will be taught in-depth on ‘organized learning’ & ‘Chemistry thinking’. See your test & exam results soar in 90 days or less.

Proven Track Record

Dedicated Educator Quality Over Quantity: When you engage a tutor with many students, you’ll only be one of the numbers. But you will not receive the level of help & support you need. Hence, to ensure you receive the best help to improve your results in the shortest possible time, we prefer to keep our classes small. This way, we can better focus & devote our time & resources to helping you.

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DON’T SAY WE DIDN’T WARN YOU: As you are browsing this site, most of your classmates are likely to be mugging away furiously. Before exams & tests, they tell you “Oh I didn’t study for them!” OR “Oh no, I haven’t finished studying!”- & they ended up scoring higher than you in class.

You Know You Studied Harder & Put In More Effort Than Them.
You Realize You’ve Been Lied To & Re-Awaken To The Cruel, Competitive situation You Are In.

YES, Some of You Really Nice, Honest Classmates. Aren’t You Curious About:

What Is Their Secret?
How Did They Do It?

I know. I Know Exactly What & How They Did It. I Know What Strategies They Used. But First, You Have To Trust Me That I Can Help You Be Like Them. And Even Better.


“When Student Is Ready To Receive, The Teacher Is Ready To Give. Ask & Thou Shall Be Enlightened.”

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