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Get a FREE Personalised Diagnostic Quiz before enrolling in our Chemistry tuition programme. I consent to the processing of personal data and agree with the user agreement and privacy policy.

    I consent to the processing of personal data and agree with the user agreement and privacy policy.

    Experienced & Competent Tutors

    Uptas Learning Hub upholds rigorous standards to ensure our instructors possess the utmost capability in teaching. Our Chemistry tuition instructors are distinguished by their teaching styles, boasting over 15 years of expertise in teaching students in Singapore. Our Co-Founder, Dr AW, is not only a recipient of prestigious awards such as the A*STAR Scholar and NTU Nanyang President Scholarship but has also been recognised by “The Straits Times” for innovative teaching methods.

    Holistic Academic Programme

    Uptas Learning Hub combines classroom learning with a practical approach to provide our students with a holistic learning experience.

    Individualised Teaching Methods

    Our Chemistry tuition tutors create a personalised teaching programme for our students in Singapore to keep up with their learning progress.

    Hands-On Practical Learning

    Utilising our in-house Chemistry laboratory, we provide our students with hands-on experience to demonstrate their practical skills and knowledge of the subject.

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    In-House Chemistry Laboratory

    Most students may find practical applications challenging due to the need to understand how concepts on a page translate to hands-on laboratory exercises. As such while building a Chemistry laboratory is time-consuming and costly, Uptas Learning Hub has done just that in order to give our students the best learning opportunities possible. Unlike other Chemistry tuition centres in Singapore, we offer students the experience of working in a state-of-the-art laboratory, complete with all the equipment and resources they need to apply their Chemistry knowledge and skills practically. This bridges the gap between on-paper knowledge and real-world applications, enhancing students’ understanding of Chemistry concepts at a much deeper level.

    Adaptive Learning System

    Uptas Learning Hub maximises the application of digital learning into our teaching methods to make them more straightforward. Our Adaptive Smart Learning System (Chemanywhere) is our dedicated digital portal that can smartly match the learning ability of our students in Singapore and progressively improve their chemistry grades. Students can say goodbye to memorisation and note-taking and utilise this portal to make their study sessions more engaging and fun. Students can even access and replay previous live attended Chemistry tuition lessons, booster classes, crash courses, concept videos and personalised diagnostic quizzes. Chemanywhere can also identify areas where students struggle, making it easier for our tutors to create an individualised lesson plan.

    Our Specialised Chemistry Programme in Singapore

    O Level, IP & A Level Weekly Chemistry Classes

    Our weekly progressive Chemistry tuition classes cater to Secondary 3 and 4 & JC 1 and 2 students in Singapore. Get ready and be inspired by Dr Aw and Miss Tham with their unique IM-POSSIBLE Chemistry learning strategies that will ensure you see improvement and an average jump between 2-5 grades.

    Booster Classes

    We conduct frequent FREE Booster class series to help students with past topics that the student may have difficulty with. Aside from the regular Chemistry tuition lessons, these booster classes will be a good revision for students who wish to recap or refresh the key concepts learned and the types of frequently asked questions in exams.

    June Intensive Classes

    A systematic and thorough review of all the frequently tested topics in the exams will be conducted during the Holiday Intensive Chemistry tuition lessons. Each lesson is conducted with an incremental difficulty level and broken down into three steps: concept explanation, demonstration by the tutor and student repetition with increasing difficulty in questions.

    Online Courses

    Our adaptive learning system is developed to help students learn Chemistry anywhere at their own pace. A personalised road map will be created for every student to help monitor their progress, and periodic quizzes will be given to track their performance.

    Our Chemistry Tuition Teacher in Singapore

    Dr. Aw Junxin

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    Listen To What Our Students Have To Say About Our Personalized Learning

    Media and Special Mentions

    Uptas, a leading Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore, has earned widespread recognition in the media and received prestigious accolades for its exceptional achievements.

    Why Choose Uptas Learning Hub?

    Singapore’s No. 1 Chemistry Tuition Centre

    Belief in Every Student

    At Uptas Learning Hub, we firmly believe every student is a piece of unpolished stone. Our duty is to chip away the excess and unnecessary parts of the stone to reveal the magnificent statue within it. With the right amount of guidance, the students will start to see the light in Chemistry and begin to do well in the subject.

    Strong Credential in Educations & Straits Time Feature

    Armed with a strong background and education in the area of Chemistry and a thorough understanding of the Singapore Chemistry syllabus, Dr. Aw and Miss Tham’s tuition classes can help students navigate through the misty fog and boost their confidence to realise their true potential.

    Flexible Schedule

    Uptas Learning Hub offers multiple time slots that run within the week. Our flexible Chemistry tuition schedule ensures that if students cannot attend a lesson due to CCA commitments or other personal matters, they can sit in with a different class schedule to catch up with their missed classes.

    Consistent Feedback

    We provide consistent quizzes to monitor the progress of the student. These quizzes allow us to immediately focus on the student’s area of weakness and provide a timely remedy. In this way, the student’s results will be improved.

    Unlimited Consultations

    We acknowledge that students may need assistance when it comes to their school homework or even questions they may have before their exams. Therefore, we provide consultations for students through 1-on-1 Chemistry tuition sessions or small group discussions and contact through WhatsApp.

    Ultimate Chemistry Blackbook

    Notes provided by schools can sometimes be overwhelming and filled with too much information. Hence, we provide our students with an Ultimate Chemistry Blackbook exclusive to our tuition centre. This book consists of Chemistry notes that have been carefully sorted based on the most important and commonly used Chemistry lessons and the frequently asked examination questions.

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      Get a FREE Personalised Diagnostic Quiz before enrolling in our Chemistry tuition programme. I consent to the processing of personal data and agree with the user agreement and privacy policy.

        I consent to the processing of personal data and agree with the user agreement and privacy policy.

        Gain a Deeper Understanding of Chemistry

        Uptas is a Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore offering various Chemistry tuition classes for students who want to understand the subject in a more straightforward and engaging way. Through our unique and fun teaching methodologies and practical laboratory exercises, we can help students retain valuable information organically. Enrol in our ‘O’ Level Chemistry tuition or ‘A’ Level Chemistry tuition classes and start viewing Chemistry in a different light. 

        Frequently Asked Questions About Out Chemistry Tuition Classes

        Uptas Learning Hub has two Chemistry tuition centres in Singapore:

        • East (Bedok): Block 209, New Upper Changi Road #03-647 Singapore 460209

        Our Bedok centre is just a 3-minute walk from the Bedok MRT and is right above the Sheng Siong Supermart.

        • Central (Bishan): 1 Sin Ming Rd, B2-09 Thomson V Two, B2, Unit 4, Singapore 575629

        Our Bishan centre is a 7 to 10-minute walk from the MRT near Marymount or a 3 to 5-minute walk from the Thomson East Coast Line.

        Walk-in students are welcome to drop by our Chemistry tuition centres during business hours for more information, or to register for our classes. However, we have limited seats so we recommend contacting us via our WhatsApp or through our online contact form. Contacting us in advance ensures that a slot is available and will be reserved for you.

        If you’re interested in experiencing Uptas’ comprehensive approach to Chemistry, you can register for our Chemistry tuition through our online registration form. We will schedule a free trial class for you as an introduction to how we conduct our classes. You may also register by calling us at +6591705114 or messaging us through our WhatApp.

        Our Chemistry tuition centre has an innovative and comprehensive approach that allows us to be effective in delivering the lectures and lessons to our students in Singapore. We help simplify the complex lessons in Chemistry to promote better understanding. Our methodology can be broken down into three parts: absorb, apply and acknowledge. 

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