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A Level Chemistry Tuition

‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Weekly Classes

Our weekly progressive tuition classes are catered for Year 5-6/ JC1-2 students. Get ready and be inspired by Dr. Aw and Miss Tham in their unique ‘AAA’ strategies that will sure propel and motivate the students their desired A grade through their concise notes yet powerful notes and with carefully curated questions and their ultimate chemistry bible summaries.

O Level Chem Tuition

‘A’ Level & ‘O’ Chemistry Crash Courses

Our intensive crash courses that are held during the March, June and September holidays are catered for students who have specific problems to the subject and wish to re-visit them. These intensive revision classes will comprise of concise summary notes and most frequently asked exams questions.

O Level Chemistry Tuition

‘IP’ / ‘O’ Level Chemistry Weekly Classes

Our weekly progressive tuition class are catered for sec (‘IP’ and ‘O’ Levels). Be mentored by Dr. Aw and build a solid chemistry foundation through our comprehensive and yet powerful notes. Together with our skill level practices, students will be exposed to a wide range of questions (Basic to hard levels) to ensure they do well in exam.

Our Founder Dr Aw Junxin is an award-winning PhD Doctorate in Chemistry with over 15 years of teaching experience

Chemistry Weekly Classes

If you are looking for a Best Chemistry Tuition in Singapore look no further than Uptas Learning.
O Level Chemistry tuition and A Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore is in great demand due to the fact that students can make a promising career in the field. In order to facilitate their children, parents feel the need to choose the right O Level Chemistry tuition centre.
Our highly experienced chemistry tutors In Uptas Learning Hub strongly believe that each and every student is a piece of unpolished stone and our main focus is to keep away the unnecessary and excess parts of the stone so as to take out the magnificent and unique statue within it. After a few weekly sessions, we ensure that your child will start to see the light in the chemistry subject and begin to score well in the exams.
For more details to know about A Level & O Level Chemistry Tuition Singapore and H2 Chemistry Tuition please visit our website here:

– Awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry
– First Class Honours in Chemistry
– Placed on Dean’s List
– Top 1% tutor in NTU
– Former prestigious A*STAR research scholar

– Exclusive media coverage on The Straits Times
– Over 15 years of professional teaching experience with proven track record
– Coached over 1000 students to date


No. 1 Specialist in Chemistry

Why Choose Us?

A Level Chem Tuition

Belief in every student

In Uptas learning hub, we strongly believe every student is a piece of unpolished stone. Our duty is to chip away the excess and unnecessary parts of the stone so as to reveal magnificent statue within it. With the right amount of guidance, the students will start to see the light in chemistry and begin to do well in the subject.

Strong Credential in Educations

Strong Credential in Educations

Armed with strong background and education in the area of chemistry and a thorough understanding of the Singapore chemistry syllabus, Dr. Aw and Miss Tham are sure to be able to help you navigate through the misty fog and rises you up to the your true potentials and confidence.

Chemistry Class Schedule

Flexible Schedule

In Uptas Learning Hub, we have multiple time slots that run within the week. This will definitely ensure that if you miss your lesson due to CCA commitments or other personal matters, you can sit in to other classes as a form of make up.

A Level Chem Tuition Feedback

Consistent Feeback

We provide consistent quizzes to monitor the progress of the student. This will allow us to quickly laser focus on the area of weakness for the students and provide timely remedy. In this way, the students result will be improved

Chemistry Tuition Sg

Unlimited Consultations

We understands will face difficulty in their school homework or even questions that they may have before their exam. Therefore, we provide consultations for students through a 1-1 or small group and whatsapp.

Unrival Notes and Cheat Sheets

Ultimate Chemistry Notes

Notes provided by school can be sometimes overwhelming and filled with too much informations. Hence, we provide our in house made ultimate chemistry notes which have been sorted carefully to question types combined with most frequently asked examination questions


Uptas is an established centre that specialises in JC, IP, IB and O level Chemistry tuition as featured in The Straits Times, FOX, CBC, NBC, ABC

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The Best Chemistry Tuition In Singapore

Importance of Getting Best Chemistry Tuition in Singapore . Get Topics & Skills Covered by Uptas H2 Chemistry and O/IP Level Chemistry Tuition. We have a wide-range of qualified and experienced Chemistry Tutors who specialized in the following:

     A Level H2 Chemistry Tuition

     O Level Chemistry Tuition

   IP Chemistry Tuition

 Uptas Provide superior teaching method boost confidence and grades in chemistry. Award Winning Chemistry tutor, Dr. Aw Junxin, has the right methodology, proven blueprint and together with his Super Learning Strategies have helped thousands of students to shortcut their learning curve and achieve distinctions. 

Why Uptas Learning Hub is the Best Chemistry Tuition Centre?

We are a specialised Chemistry Tuition and achieved consistently with more than 92.1% of distinctions for both A and O/IP level Chemistry. We are not a typical Chemistry Tuition Centre that solely focus on teaching the curriculum. However, we concentrate our effort in concept solvings (Most Frequently Asked Types of Questions) and using our unique Super Learning Strategies, students are able to reduce the time and effort to remember and recall concept by at least 50% of the time they originally spent. 

Learning and Memorising Concepts is DEAD

Many students have this misconceptions that the best way to do well in exam is strictly by memorisation or keep practicing questions. However, this is far from the truth. In the new trend of syllabus especially for the A' and O' Level Chemistry, more than 50% of the questions will be application based. In otherwords, simply memorising the concepts without understanding how to apply the concepts in National exam is bound to miss the distinction mark. In Uptas, we will use our proven "Study Smart Blueprint" which contained well researched most frequently asked types of questions with different permutation of how these questions be asked. This strategy alone has enabled our students to achieve more than 90% distinction rates. At the same time, we will also enhance and strengthen Uptas students by integrating our unique Super Learning Strategies which allow students to easily memorise contents and reduce their time in learning by as least 50%. Hence, students will be able to handle both traditional (memory based concepts questions) and application types of questions.

   Darren, Raffles Institution

Dr Aw was a very caring tutor who truly cares for his students, who has a strong grasp in his knowledge for chemistry. I first joined his lessons at the start of Year 6, after scoring U in Promotional Exams. Shortly after starting tuition, I started to pass chemistry tests. This was, of course, much thanks to Dr Aw’s help. He was….
    Lara, Victoria Junior College

I did not understand the mechanisms and purely studied using rote learning. However, after attending Dr Aw’s classes, I have developed a much deeper understanding of Organic Chemistry. While Dr Aw has a phD in Chemistry, he has the special ability to simplify complex chemistry concepts…
   Sean Chai, Victoria School

Dear Sir, I am very thankful and glad that I made a firm decision to join Uptas. Without your guidance, I would probably still be feeling very demoralised about my chemistry grade and continue getting F9 in school. Before tuition, I was told by everyone that Chemistry was all about memorising but you…
   Faith Neo, Temasek Junior College
Chemistry used to be one of the subjects I hated because it was so tedious and difficult. I remember I first heard about you from my school mates and all they said were, “Join Uptas, Join Ms Tham, you will become a chem beast too”. At that point in time, I was wondering if what they say is really true. But soon..


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