Why Choose Uptas Learning Hub for Chemistry Tuition

PhD & EX-MOE Tutors

Our tutors are equip with more than 15 years of teaching experience and a high track record of more than 94.1% distinction rates

Full Chemistry Lab (Hands on)

We are one of the few centres that are equip with full lab. Students will be personally coached by tutors with a wealth of research and lab experiences.

Adaptive Learning System

All students will have a personalised dedicated learning road map and know their progress in chemistry.

More than 94.1% Distinction

Our centre produce annually more than double the national average of the percentage distinctions. This is made possible due to our unique methodology that has been developed by Dr. Aw and Miss Tham, IM-POSSIBLE Chemistry Combined with our adaptive learning system. Join our trial class to find out more informations

Highly Qualified Tutors

Our tutors are highly trained qualified with a minimum of PhD in Chemistry or EX-MOE trained teachers with a minimum of 10 years experience. We only hired the top 1% of the tutors in UPTAS who have shown over the years to achieve a min of more than 90% distinction rate in IP, I' and A' Level exams.

In House Chemistry Lab

We are one of the few centres in Singapore that has a fully functional lab. Students will have regular hands on session in practical so as to make sure that they are confident and able to secure the 20% portion in national exam. The students will also be taught the theoretical reasoning behind the experiment and with tips and tricks to score higher than their peers.

Adaptive Learning System

Imagine you have smart learning system that is able to identify your strength and weakness. To polish them, you get customize personalized quizzes to target your learning gaps... without you picking questions to do... You can keep track of your own personal progress in terms of strengths and weaknesses easily and compare them to the cohort average. You can revise past mistakes easily with the help of step-by-step solutions. You will find practising Chemistry questions more fun as the difficulty level matches your capability and not doing repetitive questions. This is exactly what the adaptive learning system can achieve.

Unrival Notes

Our notes are specifically crafted in an unique manner that matches help student to get in tune with the concept that they are going to learn regardless of their current ability in chemistry. On top of this, our notes are revised every year to keep it updated to the latest syllabus from MOE and questions types in trend with the current flow.

Flexible Onsite and Online Classes

We offer multiple timing for students to join either onsite or online classes. Hence, students do not have the stress of rushing for lesson if they are unable to make it for their timing on a specific day due to other commitments. Student will have the flexibility to choose to attend their lesson on another timing instead. In addition, student can join our online classes (at the same timing of their lesson) if they are unable to comes onsite on the day of the lesson.

Unwavering support

We provide strong support to our students by giving them private 1-1 or small group consult on top of our regular lesson to ensure they are on track in their studies. In addition, we also provide support for school homework. If student face some problems in their school homework, are always encouraged to text us via WhatsApp. We will reply with our explanation and working on how to tackle them.

Free snacks and drinks

Snacks and Drinks are made available to all students. This is a welfare that we give students to boost their morale and help them relieve themselves after a long lesson in school or wish to take some breaks in between the lesson




Distinction Rate

2 (Bishan & Bedok)



Coached Students

Chemistry (IP', O' & A' Level)

Specialised Subject



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