Dr. Aw Junxin

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Welcome to Uptas Learning Lab! Our experienced tutors, with PhDs or MOE backgrounds, ensure quality education with a 94.1% distinction rate. Enjoy hands-on labs, personalized learning, flexible schedules, and free snacks. Join us now for an exceptional chemistry education journey!


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Dr. Aw Junxin


Graduated with Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
Graduated with First Class Honours in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (NTU)
Deans List awardees
Top 1% tutor in Nanyang Technological University from 2014 to 2017
Former A*STAR Scholar for undergraduate and graduate level
Awarded prestigious Nanyang President Graduate Scholarship (only given to the top few candidates in NTU every year)


Exclusive media coverage on The Straits Times
Founder and managing director of Uptas Learning Hub
Over 15 years of professional teaching experience with proven track record
Coached over 3000 students to date
Achieved more than 92% distinctions for GCE A’ Level and O’ Level


Multiple newspaper feature by The Straits Times for outstanding academic achievements and superior teaching methods
Awarded multiple prestigious government scholarships
Academic – Placed on the NTU Science Faculty Dean’s List

Uptas Learning Hub is inspired by Dr Aw Junxin’s education journey. He started his academic journey from a humble background with a below average PSLE score of 191 (in today’s context will be AL: 22) which barely make it to the express stream of a neighbourhood secondary school.

At the age of 13, when Dr Aw was in Sec 1, he was a struggling individual and placed in the last express class of the entire cohort and consistently ranked at the bottom 3 in the whole cohort out of 170 students. He was being labeled as “no hope”, “gangster” and friends started to distance away from him. It was at this point (Sec 2), Dr. AW made a decision that swiftly changed his entire academic life and instead of being labeled as useless by almost all people around him, he took ACTION and begin to divert all his energy into study instead of idling around or involve in unnecessary fights and detention.

His efforts paid off and quickly rise to the top 3 in class within the first half of the year and subsequently top in his class and ranked top 10 in the entire cohort within one year. And this was the first time, in his life he received his first top 5% Edusave scholarship awards. Ever since then, Dr. AW has been consistently placed in the top of his cohort from secondary, JC and even in university where he is consistently placed in the Deans’ List (The top 1% of the entire cohort). Coming from a humble beginning, Dr. AW understands the struggle of most students face and this is how UPTAS Learning Hub started. The name UPTAS means: UP To A Score (U to A). It is derived from the inspiration of Dr. Aw academic journey from an unmotivated and struggling U grade student to one of the top A*STAR Scholar with a PhD degree in Chemistry.

His life story has been an inspirational example to his students and he is a living proof for everyone that there is no limit of what you can achieve as long as you have the right strategy and mentor. In Uptas Learning Hub, he is going to be your tutor and mentor and show you his secret of how he achieved it and how you can replicate it to attain the dreams and desire you want.

Together with like-minded teachers like Ms Jesslyn Tham (a former JC lecturer), the learning hub specialises in Chemistry tuition for JC, IP and secondary students. All teachers are carefully selected for their deep specialisation in different fields of knowledge and dedication to help students excel.

Miss Jesslyn Tham

Education Background:

  • Ex-Moe Lecturer and tutor in JC and Secondary
  • Honors Degree in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education


  • More than 11 years of professional teaching experience and with proven track record (anaverage of 92.1% A/B every year for GCE A Level, and 94.4% with A1/A2 every year for GCE O’ Level.
  • Miss Tham is a former ex-MOE JC and Secondary lecturer. She is able to transform the bottom learning class and motivate them to achieve their goals. Miss Tham achieved academic excellence and obtained an honour’s degree in Chemistry.
  • With more than 11 years of professional teaching experience and proven track record, Miss Tham knows the how and why students struggle and ways to overcome it.
  • Miss Tham unique ways of approach to ensuring students do well from normal class test to major examinations will definitely give you an unforgettable experience.


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