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A-Level Chemistry
Tuition Programme IN Singapore

Ph.D. Doctorate in Chemistry Dr. Aw Junxin

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Ph.D. Doctorate Dr. AW

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Specialty of Our A-Level H2 Chemistry Tuition Classes

Comprehensive Support and Monitoring

At Uptas, we believe in providing a strong support system for our students. This is done by maintaining an optimal student-to-teacher ratio to ensure each student receives individual attention and personalised guidance. When a class reaches approximately 15 students, we open new classes to reduce the average class size, fostering an intimate and effective learning environment where our educators are able to monitor each student. In addition, we offer consultations to provide extra support outside of our A-Level Chemistry tuition lessons. Students can freely seek guidance and clarification, fostering an environment that encourages growth and learning. Uptas also provides a dedicated digital portal called Chemanywhere, powered by our Adaptive Smart Learning System. Through Chemanywhere, students have access to a wealth of resources, are able to revisit and replay past live JC Chem tuition lessons, and engage with booster classes, crash courses, and concept videos. Additionally, personalised diagnostic quizzes help identify areas of strength and weakness, allowing students to focus their efforts effectively.

Comprehensive Lab Training and Real-World Application

To ensure that students develop the skills and confidence to excel in both theoretical and practical aspects of A-Level Chemistry, we have integrated practical training with scientifically trained experts in our in-house Chemistry lab. Our lab facilities are designed to closely resemble the exam chemistry lab, allowing students to familiarise themselves with the equipment and environment they’ll encounter in their examinations. Moreover, these practical training sessions enhance their performance in practical exams and provide them with a clearer comprehension of theoretical concepts and their real-world applications. Students benefit from personalised coaching from our tutors, who possess a wealth of research and lab experiences. And to keep track of student progress, we implement quizzes and assessments, ensuring that they are consistently engaged with the material and making continuous improvements.

Qualified Tutors

At Uptas, our team of tutors consists of highly qualified individuals with extensive teaching experience. Many of our tutors hold Ph.D. degrees and have previous teaching experience in the Ministry of Education (MOE). Armed with a strong background and in-depth knowledge of Chemistry and the Singapore school syllabus, our tutors are committed to guiding students through the challenges and uncertainties of the subject. Our tutors also specialise in teaching strategic approaches to MCQs and LAQs, facilitating quick fact recall and effective problem-solving. They emphasise clear and concise answer structuring to meet exam requirements. In addition, our comprehensive notes aid concept understanding and information retention, serving as valuable study resources. With our tutors’ guidance, students gain subject knowledge and essential exam skills for outstanding results.

Proven Track Record

Why Choose JC A-Level Chemistry Tuition by Uptas Learning Hub?

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What Are the Benefits of Uptas JC Chemistry Tuition Classes?

At our Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore, our A-Level H2 Chemistry tuition classes offer a unique learning experience. Experience the transformative benefits of Uptas Learning Hub’s A-Level Chemistry tuition classes, where JC students in Singapore can unlock their full potential and excel in their Chemistry journey.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Accessible Resources

Our comprehensive and meticulously crafted JC Chemistry curriculum forms the bedrock of our A-Level Chemistry tuition classes. Through our carefully planned lessons, we prioritise building a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding, equipping students with the fundamental concepts necessary for success in A-Level Chemistry. We also provide easily accessible resources, including our meticulously curated "Ultimate Chemistry Blackbook." These in-house notes have been thoughtfully organised according to question types and include the most frequently asked examination questions, encouraging students to study effectively and focus on key concepts, saving them valuable time and effort. 

Preparation for Students’ Best Performance

At Uptas, we take a holistic approach to preparing students for their A-Level Chemistry exams. Through our in-house Chemistry lab, students gain hands-on experience with practical exams, building their confidence and proficiency in laboratory skills. Additionally, we conduct consistent quizzes to monitor students' progress, enabling us to identify and address areas of weakness promptly. And during each tuition lesson, our dedicated tutors introduce and ease students into each new Chemistry topic, ensuring they are well-prepared and confident throughout the school term. We believe that every student has untapped potential, and with the right guidance, we help students uncover their true abilities and excel in Chemistry.

Who is Suitable to Join Our A-Level Chemistry Tuition Classes?

We welcome students who are motivated to learn, improve their grades, and develop a deep understanding of A-Level Chemistry. Our A-Level Chemistry tuition classes cater to JC students who are seeking to excel in their Chemistry studies. Whether you’re struggling with the fast-paced syllabus, looking for additional support, or aiming to achieve distinctions, our classes are suitable for you.


(>100 bite-sized videos explaining individual concepts in less than 5 minutes)


I’M-POSSIBLE CHEMISTRY PhD & MOE Trained Tutors, Lab & Personalised Learning

Learn what our students have to say about our A-Level Chemistry tuition.
186 reviews on
Chemanywhere is a helpful and convenient portal, thanks Dr Aw!
Ian Tan
Ian Tan
Major thanks to Dr Aw. Dr Aw helped tremendously in improving my chemistry grades and pushed my foundation up.
Mahmood Usman
Mahmood Usman
Thank you Dr Aw, I've sent my nephew for your chemistry classes and he has seen an improvement in his grades. I think the use of chemanywhere is also very intuitive!
Goh Li Xin
Goh Li Xin
The ultimate blackbook with cheatsheets really helped me with my chem exams. Thank you Dr Aw !
Crystal Lee
Crystal Lee
Chemanywhere is such a creative and helpful portal. Highly recommend 👍🏻
Pei Shan
Pei Shan
Was referred by an colleague for Chemistry tuition for my son. He enjoys the lessons conducted by miss Tham and which helped him to improve on his grades tremendously. Previously he wasn’t able to pass on his chemistry test but now with the help of Miss Tham , he is able to pass with good grades .
Thank you Miss Tham for helping my child improve her grade in chemistry!
Lim Jia Yi
Lim Jia Yi
The ultimate blackbooks with cheatsheets provided by Dr Aw are a life saver
Jing Rui Lim
Jing Rui Lim
Really appreciate Dr. Aw for his patient and elaborate teachings on chemistry, I could finally grasp the concepts I struggled with and ultimately improved my chem grade 🙂
Alexander Foo
Alexander Foo
Chemanywhere is a really creative and helpful portal. Extremely user friendly and all the content is laid out in a organised manner that gives a step-by-step process. It helps so much in developing my understanding the concepts.


Chemistry A-Level Syllabus 2023

Our A-Level Chemistry tuition will tackle the latest curriculum presented by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board. The syllabus includes the following areas in Chemistry and will be subdivided into different niche topics:

  • Atomic structure
  • Atoms, molecules, stoichiometry
  • Chemical bonding
  • States of matter
  • Chemical energetics
  • Electrochemistry
  • Equilibria
  • Reaction kinetics
  • The periodic table: chemical periodicity 
  • Group 2
  • Group 17
  • Nitrogen and sulphur
  • Chemistry of transition elements
  • An introduction to A-Level organic Chemistry
  • An introduction to AS-Level organic Chemistry
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Halogen compounds 
  • Hydroxy compounds
  • Carbonyl compounds
  • Carboxylic acids and derivatives
  • Nitrogen compounds
  • Polymerisation
  • Organic synthesis
  • Analytical techniques


At Uptas Learning Hub, we understand the importance of affordability without compromising the quality of education. Our JC Chemistry tuition fees are carefully structured to ensure fairness and value for our students. We offer competitive and reasonable rates that make our A-Level Chemistry tuition accessible to all. Reach out to us to find out more, as our pricing can vary, and the structure is designed to accommodate different budgets while providing top-notch education and comprehensive support.


Our JC 1 H2 Chemistry tuition schedule offers flexible options for A-Level students to choose from. With both onsite and online modes available, students can attend classes conveniently at our Bedok and Bishan branches. The schedule includes weekday and weekend time slots, allowing students to find a class that fits their availability. Our comprehensive schedule aims to provide flexibility and convenience while ensuring students receive the highest quality education in H2 Chemistry.


Our JC 2 H2 Chemistry tuition schedule provides a range of options to accommodate the needs of A-Level students. With both onsite and online modes available, students can attend classes conveniently at our Bedok and Bishan branches. The schedule offers weekday and weekend time slots, allowing students to select the sessions that fit their schedule. This is done to provide a comprehensive schedule that meets the diverse needs of JC 2 students, ensuring they receive top-quality education and support in H2 Chemistry.

Dr. Aw Junxin

Uptas has more than 92.1% Distinction.



Miss Jesslyn Tham

Frequently Asked Questions About Our A-Level Chemistry Tuition Classes in Singapore

You can find our Chemistry tuition centres in two locations within Singapore:

East Bedok Location: Block 209, New Upper Changi Road #03-647 Singapore 460209. It is just a 3-minute sheltered walk from Bedok MRT, just above Sheng Siong Supermarket

Central Bishan Location: 1 Sin Ming Rd, B2-09 Thomson V Two, B2, Unit 4, Singapore 575629. MRT Nearby: Marymount: (7 -10 mins walk) & Thomson East Coast Line: (3-5 mins walk)

Uptas Learning Hub offers A-Level Chemistry tuition classes at two convenient locations. Our East branch is located at Block 209, New Upper Changi Road #03-647, Singapore 460209, just a 3-minute sheltered walk from Bedok MRT, above Sheng Siong Supermarket. For those in the central area, our Bishan branch can be found at 1 Sin Ming Rd, B2-09 Thomson V Two, B2, Unit 4, Singapore 575629. It is easily accessible, with Marymount MRT station just a 7-10 minutes walk away and Thomson East Coast Line a mere 3-5 minutes walk. 

You can reach us through various channels. We accept walk-ins, call-ins, and online sales inquiries via WhatsApp at +6591705114. Many of our students come through recommendations from relatives and friends. As seats are limited and fill up quickly, we encourage early registration.

Registering for our JC Chemistry tuition or even O-Level Chemistry tuition classes is easy. For a free Chemistry trial class, you can make an online reservation. Alternatively, you can Whatsapp us to secure your spot. We recommend registering early as seats are limited and in high demand. Reserve your place today and embark on your journey to academic excellence.

Our teaching methodology at Uptas Learning Hub aims to strike a balance between simplifying complex concepts and providing sufficient practice for students. We ensure that our tutors are equipped with the right expertise and deliver lessons in three parts: Absorb, Apply, and Acknowledge. This approach helps students grasp the concepts, apply their knowledge, and learn from their mistakes, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

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