Top 7 Cozy place to study in Singapore (Beside Starbucks)

Hey Students, we understand that studying at home can be of a huge distraction and if you are reading this article, likely you are a person who prefer to study outside so as to increase your productivity and focus. 

Finding a perfect study spot can make a huge difference in your productivity and focus. So we have consolidated to top 10 places where we recommend you can go to study that greatly increases your productivity. 

1. The Esplanade library

 Libraries are excellent places to study, provided that you can grab a seat. Fortunately, Library@esplanade is one of the least congested libraries in Singapore, so finding a spot won’t be an issue. It is centrally located with its excellent serene setting make it one of the best libraries to study in and focus.

2. The National Library – (Bugis)

The National Library in Bugis is perhaps one of the most popular for students who prefer a quiet and air-conditioned environment. It has plenty of tables and chairs, as well as free Wi-Fi and power outlets. But be sure to be there early and grab a seat. 

3.Books Café

This is one of our favourite location for self study. The Book Cafe’s inviting atmosphere, complete with plush sofas and snug interiors, is thoughtfully curated to provide a comfortable environment for students like you to settle down and stay focus on your task. But the seats can be sometimes too comfortable that drift you a bit. 

You can also order delicious all-day breakfast, pastas, coffees, and premium teas to fuel your studies.

Location: 20 Martin Road, Seng Kee Building, #01-02, Singapore 239070

4.SMU or Polytechnic Surrounding you

The majority of universities in Singapore and polytechniques provide numerous study spaces throughout their campuses. However, SMU stands out from the rest due to its convenient location and with nearby MRT: Bras Basah and City Hall.

There are lots of study bench that is readily available for you without having to spend a dime. Furthermore,  there is a wide selection of cafes and eateries within the university, offering a wide range of options to satisfy your hunger while studying.

5. Huggs Collective

If you have a small budget, you can consider this location where it offers decent coffee, pastries, and food options for studying. However, if you prefer a quieter atmosphere, their larger branches such as AIBI Maxwell and Thomson Plaza have an exclusive Members Lounge designed specifically for studying and working. 

The best part? You can access to their facilities with no additional cost as its membership is free!

Location: (multiple outlets)

6. Changi Airport

Changi Airport is not only a shopping and dining destination but also a great study spot. Its lush greenery and natural light create a relaxing atmosphere for studying. There are many corners in the airport where you just spend a couple of dollars on a coffee and begin focus on your study. 

7. Cafe De Muse

It is one of the more study spot, as they serve dalgona lattes and frappes that can provide a much-needed energy boost during long study sessions. The cafe is located in the bustling area of Orchard Road and operates 24/7, providing students with ample study time.

Featuring two levels, Cafe De Muse has a cozy ambiance that is conducive to studying. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for those looking for a chic and comfortable cafe to study in while enjoying some delightful beverages.

Location: 350 Orchard Road #01-K5/K6 & #02-K4 Shaw House – Isetan Scotts Singapore 238868

In conclusion, these unique and interesting study spots in Singapore offer a variety of environments to suit different preferences. Whether you prefer a quiet and peaceful atmosphere or a vibrant and stimulating one, there’s a perfect spot for you. So, grab your books and head to one of these spots to boost your productivity and focus.

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