Terms and Conditions

1. Is my seat confirmed after I register online?

Once you have expressed interest to join us through the online reservation, you will receive an immediate email/whatsapp notification to confirm your interest. An invoice will be sent to you within 3 days if your seat is confirmed. Following initial enrolment (weekly lessons workshop), the students entitlement to a place in subsequent terms is automatic. There is no need to register again for the new term.

2. How much is the deposit, registration and course fee?

a.         One time Registration Fee: $200

b.        Deposit Fee: None

c.         Material Fee: est. $100 per term

d.         Course Fee: Based on the number of lessons for the current term and the base rate of the student. (Pro-rate applies) Students who sign up during the last 5 weeks of the current term will need to pay the next term fee   with the current term fee.

e.         Once Uptas Learning Hub initiates the process of preparing work for teaching, any fees paid by the student shall become non-refundable and non-transferable. The process of preparing work for teaching includes, but is not limited to, the development of course materials, allocation of resources, scheduling of instructors, and any other activities deemed necessary by the learning center to commence the educational program.

            The student acknowledges and agrees that once the process of preparing work for teaching has begun, the learning center has incurred costs and expended resources that cannot be recovered or   reallocated. The student further acknowledges and agrees that the non-refundability and non-transferability of fees paid upon initiation of the work preparation process is a reasonable measure to protect the learning center’s investment and ensure the smooth operation of its educational programs.

3. When do we have to pay the school fee?

Fees are collected on term-basis and payment must be made at 2 weeks in advance before the end of each term.

The student will receive the invoice through email and student portal at 2 weeks before the due date. Book collection and lessons can only commence upon full payment of the term fee.

4. What is the frequency of lessons?

Lessons will be held once weekly. There will be restructured lessons before major examinations advised by Head of Academic. All lessons scheduled are compulsory and are part of Uptas Learning Hub programme. Students are not allowed to miss any lessons unless approved by Head of Academic.

5. Will I able to attend makeup classes?

The allowance for replacement lesson is not an entitlement. In case of missed classes, the student may attend a makeup class within the week or may watch the replay of the digital lesson via Uptas Learning Hub’s digital portal Chemanywhere.uptas.sg.

If a student, under any circumstances, is unable to attend the laboratory sessions, or in case of a health condition, cannot produce a valid medical certificate, the student may watch the replay via the digital portal.

All lab lessons must be attended within the period or time frame in which they are held. There will strictly be no refund of fees for lessons missed.

6. How do I withdraw from the next term?

You may submit the withdrawal email at [email protected] or contact +6586092249 one month before withdrawal. Students who wish to rejoin after withdrawal must pay the registration fee again and the tuition fee will be subjected to the prevailing rate.

7. Can the school withdraw a seat from the student?

Uptas Learning Hub reserves ALL RIGHTS to withdraw tuition services with immediate effect for any reason it deems appropriate. Uptas Learning Hub reserves the rights not to offer any reasons in such cases of termination. In such cases, balance of tuition fee, registration fee and material fee will not be refundable or transferrable.


a. CONFDENTIALITY. All materials, including notes, whether digital or hardcopies,  worksheet, video are copyrighted and strictly for personal use only and NOT for sharing, circulating or sale by any means. Voice and video recording is strictly not allowed during lesson.

All students acknowledge that any and all content associated with or published on the sites and/or Uptas Learning Hub Services that we may make available (including domain names, information, data, software, photographs, graphics, typefaces, music, sounds, videos, and other material) (collectively, “Content”) and all proprietary and intellectual property rights associated therewith, whether registered or not, are protected by law and are owned by or licensed to Uptas Learning Hub.

Students may not modify, reproduce, copy or distribute any of Uptas Learning Hub’s Content for commercial purposes without prior written consent. Nothing in this T&Cs shall be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any of the Content without prior written consent.

All students shall maintain in confidence all Confidential Information, to take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access thereto, and to exercise the same level of security measures and degree of care as may be necessary to keep the confidentiality thereof.

Legal action will be taken against any students who will violate this copyright or no recording agreement. Uptas Learning Hub reserves all rights to take necessary legal actions to protect its interest.

b. PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION I hereby give clear and unambiguous consent for Uptas Learning Hub to collect, use and disclose my personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

c. TEACHER. The Uptas Learning Hub reserves the right to change the teacher at its own discretion.

d. LESSONS. The Uptas Learning Hub reserves the right to postpone or reschedule any lessons due to any circumstances.

e. MISCONDUCT. The Uptas Learning Hub shall not be required to provide services to abusive students or parents and shall be entitled to terminate the contract without refund upon the occurrence of such incidents.

f. CANCELLATION, WITHDRAWALS AND REFUND POLICIES. Should a student’s enrollment be terminated, withdrawn, or canceled for any reason, all registration fee, material fee, course fee, or any fee paid to Uptas Learning Hub shall be non-refundable or non-transferable.

In the event of withdrawals, a one-month notice shall be given by the student to Uptas Learning Hub prior to the end of the term, otherwise, Uptas Learning Hub shall automatically bill for the next month.

g. RELEASE FROM LIABILITY. All students and their respective parents hereby RELEASES, ACQUITS AND FOREVER DISCHARGES, and WAIVES any and all Claims  against Uptas Learning Hub that may  from or relate to the student’s entry and participation in the activities conducted by Uptas Learning Hub – including, but not limited to personal injuries, property damages, accidents, and laboratory injuries.

h. COMPLIMENTARY REFRESHMENTS. At its discretion, Uptas Learning Hub may provide complimentary refreshments to its students, with the caveat that said refreshments must be consumed on Uptas Learning Hub’s premises. Taking complimentary refreshments home is strictly prohibited.

i. Uptas Learning Hub reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. Reasonable steps will be taken to inform students of such changes.

j. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Singapore.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms and conditions as provided above. I agree to all the terms and conditions of the school

No signature is required. All students and parents registered in the course are deemed to accept the above terms and conditions as long as the Uptas Learning Hub makes reasonable efforts to inform all relevant parties on the terms and conditions

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